A support system for women  seeking deeper purpose,  gaining clarity on their values in order to gain back fulfillment of how their time is spent, and a desire to reach a new dream/goal. 

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 A support system for women owned businesses seeking deeper purpose, better use of their time, and increased profitability. 

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Are you tired working towards what you want by yourself?


Or, possibly getting advice that isn't working? Finding yourself constantly running out of time to do what YOU actually want to do? Or, perhaps not even being sure of what you want through the busyness of life?


 Courage is required to make changes that have us stepping out of the normal day-to-day happenings of life. This is both in business or at home as you start to pursue a new dreams or goals.


We have found in 18 years of running the Victory Circles masterminds that each of us can gain so much insight from the lens of other like minded women.


Then add to that mix the experienced skill sets of a facilitator and coach to personally help you evaluate how you are really doing for the short and long haul. Helping you to see if you are on track vantage point that matters most to you

Join us in the Victory Circle


Since 2006 the Victory Circle lead by Entrepreneur and Coach Cheri Ruskus has been there to support other women to help them see the forest through the trees. To help apply her many years of knowledge to what is working today to insure not only that participants are achieving their goals but in fact finding happiness in the journey.

Join Cheri for what she is calling her Last Lap in this final  Victory Circle she will be facilitating that starts in early December 2023.

  • Personalized one-on-one coaching support.
  • The critical component of a mastermind group comprised of other women entrepreneurs to meet with 2 times a month.
  • The Grow Planner (hard copy planner) to help insure that you are staying on track with short and long term goals by finding your ta da's daily. 
  • Core business and mindset online programs available 24/7.  These will have you looking differently at your time, values and more to insure your mindset will ultimately take you where you want to grow. 

What you will Gain in the Victory Circle:


Know with confidence your goals and the clear, decisive implementation plan moving forward to get you there.

Honor and Manage Your Time to give you the lifestyle you desire. Remember it’s not just about building a business; it’s about building a rewarding and full life.

Bring your Creativity and Imagination to life so that you can access it consistently.


Meet Your Coach and Facilitator  

One of the assets of the Victory Circles program will be your one-to-one coaching sessions with your Coach Cheri Ruskus. 


Cheri not only has been a certified Business Coach for 24 years, after successfully selling her first business that she owned and operated for 16 years prior. 


Having owned and sold several successful businesses along her way. Her passion lies in assisting other women get past their fears of failure and life challenges so they can fully live out their purpose and passion while actually enjoying their business of choice.


This is what drives Cheri every single day, watching her clients succeed. In whatever success looks like for them.


The first Victory Circle came to life in 2006 under the guidance of Cheri as the facilitator. She wanted to share with other women entrepreneurs a forum to support and express their challenges while fully celebrating their wins, and all the elements that lie in between.

Client Endorsements

“You’re really good at listening and coming up with ideas that suit the business for where that particular business is at, and you’ve got crazy amounts of passion.”

“I hired you at a rough time in my business and you talked me off the ledge, helped me believe in myself again”

“The contribution you make as a Coach that is uniquely you is your explicit skill of assessing present information and responding with clarity to offer the direction of what’s the most important next step!”

How our time together will play out and what skill sets you will gain:


Time Mastery Fundamentals

Introduction to time principles and techniques that reorganize your thoughts around how you are spending your time.
Understanding the benefits of getting both short term and long term happiness out of using the 24 hours you are given every day.
Identifying common time-wasting behaviors and habits.


Decision Making Skills

Making informed decisions efficiently.


Avoiding overthinking and analysis paralysis.


Trusting your instincts and choices.

Self Reflection and Goal Setting

Setting clear and achievable goals based on what you actually want to have happen in your life.
Prioritizing goals based on personal and professional aspirations.
Making Step by Step plans to get you there. 



Managing Bright Shiny Objects

Identifying common distractions and how to overcome them.
Techniques for staying focused on the ideas that matter using an Idea Tracker.
Creating a conducive work environment.

Planning and Organization

Make your daily plans around Ta Da’s versus the dreaded To Do List.
You will have access to beta test the BSO Grow Planner a different way to look at planning. This comprehensive planner is included in the cost of this Mastermind program.
Breaking down large tasks into smaller, manageable, doable steps.


Time Blocking and Scheduling 

Implementing time blocking techniques for optimal productivity.

Allocating time for different tasks and responsibilities that matter most to you!

Creating routines that maximize productivity and balance.

Effective Connections

Strategies for clear and concise communication.
Setting boundaries and managing interruptions.
Delegating tasks and responsibilities when necessary


Overcoming Perfectionism and Procrastination 

 Understanding the pitfalls of perfectionism and how it plays into procrastination.
Embracing a growth mindset and learning from mistakes.
Striving for excellence without getting caught in perfectionist tendencies.

Dealing with Anxiety and Self Care

Recognizing signs of burnout and stress.
Incorporating self-care practices into daily routines.
Balancing work, personal life, and hobbies.


Networking and Support

Building a support network for personal and professional growth.
Leveraging mentorship and role models.
Connecting with other women for mutual encouragement.

Authentic Leadership Influence

Refine who you are as a leader both within your business, your community, and the industry where you hang your hat.
Leaders in todays’ online world have become known as Influencers because others listen when they talk.
You will gain a clear understanding in how you can take your influence forward to have, you’re the ideas and ideals you are most passionate about heard.


No Matter Where You Are In Your Business There is No Better Time Than Now to Get the Support You Need.

This program is for you if…


+  You are a woman  committed to finding the happiness you deserve in your business and/or life in general.


+ You are open to feedback and willing to make necessary changes.


+ You are respectful to other in the mastermind environment, keeping all discussions confidential.


+ You are willing to set intentions, do the work required to achieve the STRETCH goals you set for yourself.

       Stepping into actions with a smile
       Time priorities realized to bring goals to life.
       Reasonable solutions for the unreasonable.
       Everything finds a place and balance.
       Tenacity to push through when the going gets tough.
       Challenge yourself in new ways that excite you.
       Happiness along with a deep caring for yourself and others. 



This program is not for you if…


- You are looking for a magic quick fix because this will require work.


-  You can’t make the time for the online work, coaching appointments, and mastermind circle.


-  You are not respectful, kind, and able to hold mastermind discussions confidential

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A Victory Circle is a continuous entity bringing growth in the following areas:  


Compassion for yourself and others as you decisively reach towards your goals.


Integrity to know at the end of the day you have done all that is possible with ease and to the best of your ability.


Resourcefulness in blending the lessons and assets of others in with your own.


Courage through digging deep within to find the answers you need.


Learning always, every day, and every step of the way.


Exploration of new opportunities that you may not have even yet imagined.





3 Monthly Payments with the first payment due at at registration once your application is approved

  • A One Year Goal and Growth Planner (hard copy) that will be mailed to you at signup.
  • Grow Sessions Online Program.
  • Morning Momentum Program
  • One 1 hour Coaching Session with Cheri each month. (Additional sessions are available at a reduced rate)

  • 2 Mastermind Circle sessions each month via Zoom.

  • Private Community Page (not on Facebook) to share ideas and wins
  • Accountability Buddies if you so desire to work with in between masterminds.

I Am Ready for Victory

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More Success Shares...

“I appreciate your practicality and your years of experience” 

“I have never had this kind of unconditional support, consistent reflection, genuine belief in WHO I AM and what my purpose on the planet is...never”.

“Thank you for igniting my passion.”