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The Grow Circles is a community of Coaches, Consultants, and Professionals providing masterminds and online programs in addition to their one-to-one services.


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The Grow Circles Program


The Grow Circles creates rich and diverse coaching programs and masterminds run by independent Coaches, Consultants and Professionals.


If You Are A Coach:

If you  are currently doing business with your clients only on a one-on-one basis, this program will give you the capacity  to take the depth of your work to new heights. Filling in the voids by finding new avenues to save time and increase your revenues, while giving your clients new ways of doing business with you.


Imagine adding in the components of both hosting your own group masterminds, complimented with a comprehensive online program. In addition gaining the marketing tools to spread your work further out into the world as you mastermind with other coaches and professionals.


If you are Seeking a Coach to Work With: 

Swipe down to see our Certified Coaches section below and find the program that is in the area where you want to grow. 

The Grow Circles Coach Certification Program

Comprehensive Tools and Support to Grow Your Business


  • 8 private coaching sessions focused on developing and designing your online program and how it will fit in with your business.
  • An online program to turn to 24/7 that includes Marketing, Program Building and Coaching techniques
  • Weekly Office Hour to have you easily implementing the technical sides of the programs and marketing efforts you will be creating.
  • Monthly Mastermind Meeting with other Coaches and Professionals to gain insights and ideas to propel your business.
  • Marketing tools that will include insuring your website is converting.
  • Planning and implementing consistent content creation for planning email marketing campaigns.
  • Instagram insights for growing your following and deepening engagement.
  • Graduates of this program will be promoted as an Authorized Grow Circles Coaches.
  • Next Grow Circles Coaches Session starts February 1, 2022 through May 31, 2022.
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Meet The Grow Circles Founder,  Coach and Facilitator Cheri Ruskus

Cheri Ruskus is a life-long entrepreneur who is passionate about empowering other women entrepreneurs and coaches. Over the course of the last 20+ years as a Certified Business Coach and Mastermind Facilitator she has been blessed to work with amazing women who are passionate about the work they do.

Cheri has designed programs, systems and methodologies that have assisted her clients in the growth they desire for their business.  Allowing them to deal with what is most important now, while also keeping an eye on what will matter most moving into tomorrow creating systems that help them to work smarter not harder. 

The Grow Circles Program was established to exclusively focus on those in professional services businesses who want to create online programs in conjunction with comprehensive mastermind programs.

Through this 4 month program participants have the opportunity to be coached directly with Cheri. She will also facilitate the monthly masterminds and weekly office hours to deal with individual program details and online marketing tools.

Cheri is the Founder of Business Victories which was established in 1999 dedicated to the further development and support of women entrepreneurs.

Where is your area of expertise or where do you want to grow?



Money & Business

Health & Wellness

Meet our Certified Grow Circles Programs and Coaches:

Profits With Purpose


If you are a woman business owner who has a business that you want to grow, this Circle is for you. The attributes of Victory includes:

Value - Determine the  value of your business in the short and long term.
Imagination - Tap into your creativity for all areas of the business.
Courage - With inspiration and support, become unstoppable.
Time - Better honer and manage the hours in your day.
Ownership - Fully take on the role of Leadership in your company.
Revenue - Better manage this driving force in your business.
You - Create a business that works around your lifestyle.

Since the first Victory Circle mastermind came together in 2006, Coach Cheri Ruskus has been bringing together women entrepreneurs who have the mutual desire to grow their message in the world and improve the financial success of their business.

The next Victory Circle starts January 2022.


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Positive Relationship with Money


Money is a source of measurement and has played a role in most of our lives in one way or another from an early age. The Money Circle has been designed to assess one's current relationship with money. 

Shifting  perceptions around money participants learn how to release negative money beliefs and change the trajectory of their life.

By integrating what is known about money from the fields of neuroscience, neuroeconomics, behavioral finance, and behavioral and cognitive psychology. Through the discovery of money archetypes you can shift negative patterns.

Strong Body, Strong Mind


The Strength Circle teaches and implements the importance of strength training throughout your life. By breaking down what to focus on in each decade, women are able to  figure out their fitness “why” and individual health goals. Keeping exercise as a priority without life always getting in the way. 

As a bonus participants will have the opportunity to join TAG Teams, an online interactive fitness community of awesome women. These are interactive fitness classes which are done at home with just a pair or two of dumbbells. 

Private Coaching sessions and live Tag Teams are facilitated by Fitness Coach Jen Cavallaro, CPT Founder of Upward Spiral Fit.

Gain Strength Now

An Athletic Woman's Nourishment Program   


We don’t need to be enslaved by diet culture or to have need peri-menopause and menopause to slow us down. We get to define and shape what kickass aging looks like for our own life journey. An 18-week program uncovering individual life goals moving from adequate towards optimal to better nourish a mature woman's body.

Dina Griffin, as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Board Certified Sport Dietitian, Dina has over 15 years experience in private nutrition coaching. She works carefully to understand each client’s goals, challenges, and unique self to take them to their next level of better living. She is the Founder of Nutrition Mechanic.


Self Love Through Acceptance


Cultivating the practice of acceptance of what has transpired both in our outer worlds as well as the impact on our inner lives is pivotal to our capacity to grow, heal, learn, and meet the days ahead intact with the truth of who we are.

The Acceptance Circle is an ongoing, transformational group and individual coaching program which includes holistic wellness practices, gentle yoga, movement, meditation, and an all inclusive sharing circle. 

This circle facilitated by Alison Rothman the founder of Embody Your Life and provides the platform for authentic, transformational, and embodied acceptance of oneself so as to create true change in one’s life.

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